2021 Trends For Home Design & Decoration

Another new year brings new trends and popular styles that we will start to see flooding the marketplace for both home design and home decoration techniques. Below, are a list of up-and-coming trends & techniques that are sure to make an impact in 2021. Have you tried any of these out yet?

  • Yellows and Greys – It’s official. The Pantone color of 2021 is YELLOW. While this may not be the first color of choice for many, yellow may be just the bright hue that a drab or dull room needs. Pale Grey is another color that Pantone has named to be just as popular, and maybe a safer option for those who want to stick to the basics.
  • Vintage – A trend that has carried over from 2020 is the use of vintage materials and prints in decorating. Using these themes tastefully among other more modern pieces can drum up a perfectly cohesive space.
  • Statement Headboards – An unusual design trend that has taken shape this year are headboards, specifically of the more flamboyant variety. Paring a bold pattern or color headboard with coordinating, plain bedding is taking shape to be the next big thing.
  • Maximalism – The term “maximalism” quite literally means “more is more” but it may not be in the way you might first believe. Instead of filling your space with piles of knick knacks, instead try filling it with objects or furniture that may be a bit “busier” but tell a story or lean on a notable moment in your life.  
  • Houseplants – Leafy indoor plants have sure made their comeback in the past year or so and are expected to be a frontrunner in 2021 interior design. Whether you prefer more leafy or floral types of greenery, plants can truly open up a space and filter out any pesky pollutants in the process.

Follow this link to discover more notable home design trends for 2021: https://www.homesandgardens.com/news/interior-design-trends-2021

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