4 Basic Tips To Maintain a Healthy Yard This Summer

With the planting season in full swing, it is just as important to care for your lawn as it is your garden or flowerbeds. Consider taking a few additional steps so that you can keep your outdoor space looking happy and healthy, all summer long.

  • Water and Feed Your Lawn: Ensuring your lawn has sufficient moisture throughout the growing season is imperative to keeping it looking lush. Although, watering must be in moderation because just like many things, too much or too little can be a problem. 1 inch per week is a good rule of thumb for keeping your lawn looking nice.
  • Try Composting: Adding leftover materials from your kitchen or excess garden waste to your soil can have many benefits to your yard. A few benefits of composting include:
    • Stimulates root growth
    • Prevents topsoil erosion
    • Balances PH levels
    • Attracts beneficial “ground-dwellers”, like worms.
  • Remove Invasive Weeds: A weed here or there is undeniable this time of the year. If your weeds are growing out of control, it may be time to look for another solution. Handheld weeders can be a great option to remove those few stubborn weeds from your lawn.
  • Spot-Train Your Pets: This may not be a viable option for all pets but if you are able, training your dog to use just one area of the grass can help with dead spots developing in your grass. A few weeks of simple yard training should do the trick.

What are you most looking forward to about this summer season? Let us know in the comments!

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