4 Organization & Storage Life Hacks For Small Homes

Keeping your home organized can be a daunting task, especially for those who live in a relatively small space. It can seem difficult to find a place for everything, especially items that you use on a regular basis that you need accessible. You may be asking, how is it possible to stay organized when I don’t have too much extra space? The short answer is – being creative. Below, we will share a number of ideas you can try to structure your home’s organization if you live in a smaller home or space.

#1) Store alike items together: Items of the same category or purpose should be stored in a similar area. For example, if you have all of your kitchen utensils in a basket in a particular cupboard, there should not be a lonely spatula sitting underneath the sink. Keeping items together makes finding them easier and allowing yourself more time for the task at hand. Clear containers can be a perfect way to keep items together and easily know where they are. They make searching a breeze and dismiss any time that would be spent unboxing countless containers.

#2) Try using items that are multipurpose: Investing money into items that are multipurpose can be a great way to cut back on the number of items that you need to find space for. (link to downsizing blog)** If you find yourself owning more than one of an item or own two things that are very similar, consider evaluating the items and deciding which one most fits your needs. Keep that item and donate the other. Through this exercise, you will find yourself with less “junk” and more storage space for the items you actually use.

#3) Store items vertically as opposed to horizontally: When you are organizing your belongings in a small space, particularly a closet, try keeping them upright instead of lying down on the floor. This method helps more items to fit in a smaller space, especially taller items that may not fit in any other location. Installing shelving units or baskets can be a particularly helpful solution in this area, as they allow for doors and closets previously without shelves to become more useful as storage. Folding hangers can be another helpful tool for storing clothing vertically, allowing more items per hanger.

#4) Leave a few items sitting out, but purposefully: It is not uncommon for some items not to fit in your organization process. Certain items, like decorations or memorabilia, can be best stored sitting out in plain sight. Other items may not be served best sitting out, but if there is no other suitable spot for them, you may be able to leave them out. As long as it appears that they have a purpose in that location, there will be no questions asked.

We hope you will test out these ideas throughout your spring cleaning and reorganization. Let us know in the comments if they work for you!

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