6 Quick Wintertime Moving Hacks

  1. Check the weather consistently, up until moving day. Keeping up to date on the weather conditions is extra important in the winter. Snow and ice can be potential barriers on the day of a move and can contribute to making things more difficult. If a winter storm or sub-zero temperatures are forecasted, give your movers a call and discuss your options with them. It is much smarter to push your date back than get caught in an unsafe situation.
  2. Switch off the heat at your new place. With people going in and out on moving day, there is no need to have the heat turned on, just for all of it to escape right out the front door. Instead of trying to heat the entire house, place a small heater in one room as a place for everyone to warm up if they need it. It is a smart, money-saving solution!
  3. Have hot drinks on hand. Prepare some of your favorite hot drinks and have them on hand for your helpers to enjoy. Everyone will appreciate the thought and you will have something to look forward to once the moving is complete.
  4. Double pack your electronics. Electronic items such as TVs, computers, even small appliances can be negatively affected by the cold weather, making it crucial that they are strategically packed with access to heat. This extra protection will be worth it once you arrive at your new home.
  5. Keep extra cold-weather gear on hand in case of emergencies. Nothing is worse than not having an extra hat or pair of gloves on hand when you really need them. Keep a few extras packed with you in your vehicle (NOT in the moving truck!) in case of a car emergency or other situation.
  6. Cover the floors in your new place before unloading. Unless you are interested in a wet, snowy mess to clean up after your moving has concluded, you will want to cover your floors beforehand. A plastic tarp or sheet works great and will prevent any unnecessary cleanup after the fact.

For more helpful winter moving hacks and how-to’s, please visit: https://www.imove.com/blog/tips-for-winter-moving/

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