A Simple Timeline to Moving

You have just been approved for a new home – congratulations! It is now time to begin the process of moving out of your old home and eventually, into your new one. This process can be a tedious one, as there are a lot of things to remember. As a result, experts recommend you start the process at least eight weeks out from your scheduled moving date. This allows you enough time to get everything done and avoid feeling stressed or rushed. The simple timeline below can be used as a guide to assist you throughout the moving process. While it is not “one size fits all” it certainly can be helpful in getting you through the basics.

8 weeks out – Start a file of all moving related documents. This can be in a filing cabinet, a cardboard box, or simply just a folder. You will need them accessible throughout the moving process, so having everything in one place will likely help in staying organized.

7 weeks out – Do some research on local businesses in the new area you are moving to. What types of places will you need/want to use? This is a great opportunity to schedule any appointments or transfer over any necessary records.

6 weeks out – This is the perfect time to begin going through your belongings and decide what you will be taking with you when you move and what you will be giving away. Downsizing is an important step in the moving process and is essential to making sure you do not leave your current home with more than you can fit in your new home. After deciding what you are going to keep, either donate or start selling the remaining items.

5 weeks out – Avoid buying any more food than necessary at this point. Focus on only purchasing what you will need for the remainder of your time at home. If you overbuy, you may risk large amounts of food spoiling and having to be thrown away on moving day. Keeping it to the essentials is the best route to go.

4 weeks out – If you are planning to use any type of moving vehicles, including moving trucks or self-serve trailers, now is the time to book those appointments. These items tend to book quickly, and you do not want to be left without the proper equipment to make your move. If you find that you need any additional packing supplies, such as boxes or bubble wrap, this is also the time to get a hold of those.

3 weeks out – Call and cancel any personal services that pertain to your current home. This could be anything from lawn maintenance, to plumbing, to cleaning services. You want to give these companies enough of a heads up, so they know not to come by anymore. Similarly, you will also want to get any new services you will need set up, so they are ready to go once you move in.

2 weeks out – Let all important sources know your new address and contact information, if that will be changing. Make a list of all of these sources, to ensure you do not forget any important ones. This includes friends and any extended family. Additionally, let your bank know if you will be making any changes to your account as part of the moving process.

1 week out – It is time to start packing! This can quickly become tiresome, so try completing it in pieces instead of all at once. Make sure you are strategically packing items along the way and separating essential items into their own box that will be easily accessible on the big day.

Moving Day! – The big day is finally here. Confirm that you have absolutely everything before locking up the old place. When you arrive to your new home, focus on only unpacking the important items initially. You will have plenty of time to tackle the rest at a later date. Relax, you are finally home!

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