Easy Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home (By Room)

There is no hiding it – our homes use an astonishing amount of energy. Between all of our devices, as well as keeping our appliances running, electricity is the silent factor that keeps us all “up and running.” It can be tricky to find ways to cut back, but there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your overall consumption. Unsure where to begin? We are going to break it down for you, room by room.

The Kitchen

-Only run your dishwasher when you have a completely full load of dishes. If you only have a few items, consider washing them by hand to save time and energy.

-Always keep your oven door closed when you have something baking. It can be tempting to check on your masterpiece, but each time you open the door, an excess amount of heat is released and essentially wasted. Switching on the oven light is a more energy-friendly option.

-Switch to using a microwave or toaster wherever possible, as these use much less energy than a conventional oven.

The Living Area

-Keep your blinds open throughout the day during the colder months to let any natural sunlight in. It can provide natural heat, as opposed to switching on a thermostat.

-Consider installing dimmer switches to replace any traditional light switches. This way, you can control how intense your lights are shining.

The Bedroom

-Keep your closet doors closed whenever possible to prevent drafts, especially in the winter months.

-Unplug any devices you are not using before you go to bed, so they do not consume unnecessary energy.

-Instead of relying on the AC on a hot day, install a ceiling fan in your bedroom to regulate its temperature.

The Bathroom

-Consider installing a low-flow shower head. This type reduces water flow, saving you money on your water bill.

-Add an aerator to your bathroom faucet to reduce flow there as well. This has a similar effect to the previous tip.

-Reduce your shower length to under 10 minutes and use a cooler water temperature throughout.

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