Easy Hacks To Maintain The Skirting On Your Manufactured Home

The skirting of a manufactured home is one of the most important aspects of the home’s construction. Keeping it damage-free and working how it is supposed to is a crucial part of manufactured home maintenance. Below are a few ways you can easily maintain the skirting on your home.

  1. Avoid Trapping Excess Moisture Under Your Home: The job of skirting, by nature, is to keep unwanted moisture from underneath your home. Although, if rainwater or other liquids are allowed to seep through, it can make things tricky. Be sure to keep your garden hose or other water sources away from the bottom of your home, whenever possible.
  2. Have Good Ventilation: Make sure your skirting is properly ventilated. Good ventilation involves about 1 square foot of venting for every 150 square feet of space underneath your home. This will help with preventing humidity or temperature regulation problems.
  3. Check for Damages Frequently: Ensuring there are no major damages to your skirting will help you to maintain the quality of your home overall. Skirting is responsible for protecting some of your home’s major systems, such as plumbing and electrical wires, as well as keeping small animals out from under your home. Be sure to patch up any loose spots or get them professionally repaired before its too late.
  4. Research Your Particular Type of Skirting For Proper Care Instructions: There are various kinds of skirting and the type used on a particular home may vary based on that home. Plywood, vinyl, and metal are just a few examples. Each type varies in price and durability and also in care. Doing research on your specific type of skirting is important in homeownership.

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