Easy Steps to Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

The act of minimalism is essentially going through life with less – less possessions, less clutter, and just less STUFF! Living a minimalist lifestyle has actually been proven to change your life for the better as well as improve mental & physical health. Below, are a few easy steps you can take to start living a more “minimalist” lifestyle.

  • Implement the 90/90 rule: An easy way to do a serious possession cleanout is to follow this simple rule. Choose an item and think – have I used this in the last 90 days? If the answer is no, think – will I use this in the next 90 days? If you arrive at another no, it is time to get rid of it. Before throwing it away, consider resale or donation.
  • Limit Frivolous Expenses: There are some recurring bills and expenses that are impossible to avoid, but there are plenty of others that we bring into our lives by choice. These are items such as streaming services, expensive electronics, or multiple credit card bills. Cutting back on these charges wherever possible will not only help you to save money per month but also cut back on any financial stress you may feel.
  • Remove Distractions, Where Possible: In the age of consistent advertisement and promotions, it can be difficult to limit spending and only buy items where necessary. Spam emails, pervasive mail, and TV commercials are just a few examples of today’s persistent ad culture. Removing these distracting messages, wherever possible, is only going to make a positive change in your lifestyle.
  • Reduce Your Closet: Our closets are one of the easiest places to collect clutter and unnecessary items. Performing regular closet clean-outs and keeping only a small collection of clothes is a smart choice when it comes to living more minimally. Project 333 is a minimalist fashion movement that encourages people to keep just 33 items in their closet to limit clutter. Learn more about Project 333 here.
  • Dispose of any Duplicates: Over time, multiples of a certain item can collect without us even realizing it. Grab a box and take a walk through your home, filling the box with any unnecessary duplicate items. After a month, if you don’t use any of the items in the box, it may be time to ship them off.

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