Clever Tips For Organizing A Storage Shed!

Storage sheds are a helpful tool for keeping your home and property organized and well-kept. If you are lucky enough to have one on your site, you should definitely take advantage of the additional organizational space it has to offer. Today, we are sharing with you some easy ways to organize your storage shed and keep it functional during the spring and summer months.

  • Use Plastic Tubs for Storage: Simple plastic tubs or bins that can be purchased at stores like Walmart or The Home Depot can be perfect for keeping smaller items in their correct places. Determine categories for your items (such as garden tools, gloves/equipment, seeds, other, etc.) and purchase enough bins for these categories. Place items in their corresponding bins and you have a simple organization system that is fool proof! These types of bins are also available in drawer sizes!

*Side note* Remember to place the items back in their correct buckets each time. A tiny slip-up may cause disorganization to occur.

  • Install Hangers for Larger/Longer Items: Larger tools, such as rakes, snow shovels, and power tools cause clutter and can look messy simply laying out on the floor. Use a tool hanger to prop them up on the sides of your storage shed for an easy fix.
  • Organize Hardware in Jars: Miscellaneous hardware, such as nails and screws, can be easily misplaced if not stored properly because of their small size. Use a mason jar to categorize these items by type and size for easy access when you need them. This tip can also be used for paintbrushes and other painting tools.
  • Try Floating Shelving: Floating shelves can be a great option when you need to take advantage of limited wall space. They can make your space look slightly larger and are a trendy option for a drab storage shed.
  • Use Free-Standing Shelves for Larger Items: Larger shelving units are a durable option for storing bulky items, such a storage bins, potting soil, or other outdoor supplies. These can be shifted and rearranged as needed, making them a perfect option if you have the space to store them.

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