Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Safe For Your Pet

If you are a pet owner, likely one of the most important things to you is making sure that they are safe and have everything that they need on a daily basis. Today, we are sharing a few easy ways to keep your home safe and happy for your furry friends. Some of these are more basic but others may be things you have never thought to try. We hope this is helpful for you! Remember to follow our Guidelines for Living when it comes to owning and maintaining your pets: https://assetdevelopment.com/guidelines-for-living/

  • Store Dangerous Items Up High: Any item that could be potentially dangerous or lethal to an animal should be stored accordingly. This included items such as medication, poisonous plants and food, and cleaning products. This way, there is no fear of your animal getting into anything potentially deadly to them.
  • Keep Your Garbage Covered: Your garbage is not only home to germs and bacteria but can also contain items that you do not want your pet to ingest. If you can, store your garbage cans in a cabinet or keep them outside and out of reach.
  • Ensure They Are Leashed at all Times: Keeping your pet on a leash whenever they are outside is crucial to keeping them safe as well as others around you. You can buy long tie-outs that come in handy when you are not able to be with them 24/7.
  • Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed: “The dog drinking out of the toilet” has become a running joke for years now, but in reality, this activity can be deadly to their health. It exposes them to all kinds of harmful chemicals and can even cause drowning risk to smaller breeds.
  • Beware of Dangerous House Plants: While plants can be a wonderful accent to your home, certain species can be very dangerous to animals, when ingested. English Ivy, Tulips Lilies, and Azaleas are just a few you should avoid having around if you have a pet present.

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