Effortless Eco-Friendly Switches For Your Home

One of the simplest ways you can make a difference in your day-to-day life is to make environmentally friendly decisions that benefit not only the planet, but often times, your bank account as well! Doing your part to conserve resources and reduce waste is extremely important and does not always have to entail purchasing solar panels or expensive appliances. Below, is a list of eco-friendly switches you can make in your home, even in a small way.

  1. Secure a Recycling Bin: Obtaining and actively using a recycling bin on a daily basis is practically the easiest thing you can do to protect the environment. Instead of throwing all of your waste in one bin, take a few extra moments to separate your plastics, glass, and paper from other materials. As a reminder, any item with a number 1 or 2 on its bottom can always be recycled.
  2. Try Composting: If you have never tried composting, now is a perfect time to start! Instead of tossing out food and other natural waste, try dumping it all in a separate compost bin. Over time, these materials will biodegrade and be useful as fertilizer to help your plants grow. There are many small, decorative containers that take up little space in your home and look cute.
  3. DIY When Possible: Let your creative juices flow by choosing to DIY common household items whenever possible! This can be a great way to spend time with family members and get everyone involved in a fun time. Pinterest can be a great resource in this category, as it is always full of project ideas and helpful hints.
  4. Invest in a Water Filter: Plastic water bottles are one of the worst items for the environment but sadly are still regularly pushed out by grocery stores to customers. Do your part in cutting out this unnecessary waste by purchasing a water filter for your kitchen faucet, as well as a reusable water bottle. You’ll be saving money not to mention time with this easy switch.
  5. Wash Your Laundry in Cold Instead of Hot: Using hot water in your washer is doing more environmental damage than you may expect. Reduce your personal CO2 emissions by making the switch to cold water. Not only does it make cleaning more efficient but it also keeps clothes looking new and vibrant much longer.

For more eco-friendly tips for your home, please visit: https://biofriendlyplanet.com/green-ideas/eco-friendly/12-small-changes-to-make-your-home-more-eco-friendly/

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