#GardenTalk: Natural Ways To Get Rid of Weeds

In today’s #GardenTalk segment, we will be sharing a few natural ways to get rid of pesky weeds in your backyard or flowerbed. None of these ways involve using harsh chemicals or other agents that may be harmful to the rest of your yard. How many of these have you heard of?

  • Newspaper
    • Covering weeds with a thick layer of newspaper can be an easy way to stop them in their tracks. You will first want to wet the soil, then lay the newspaper down. Finish the process by wetting it again and covering with mulch. This act will keep the sunlight away from the weed sprouts and also encourage earth worm activity.
  • Cornmeal
    • Sprinkle corn meal on your garden to keep weed sprouts from growing into larger plants. Be sure to keep this away from the rest of your garden sprouts, such as fruits and veggies, as it will have the same effect on them.
  • Boiling Water
    • Pour your boiling water directly on the crown of any unwanted shoots. It may take a few applications for weeds with thicker roots but eventually the sprouts will disappear and stay gone. Be sure to exercise caution when using this trick.
  • Table Salt
    • Did you know that traditional table salt has more purposes than to just season your food? Place a pinch around the base of any unwanted weeds. After a good rainfall, the weeds should die. Although this trick may leave portions of your soil unusable for a short time, so keep that in mind.
  • Use Your Hands
    • Perhaps the most straight-forward method to ridding your yard of weeds is to just pull them up yourself. This is a much more tedious method, but it works just the same as all of the others. Be sure to pull all the roots along with the weed or it will likely grow back.

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