How To Create Your Own Summer “Stay-Cation” Right At Home!

Summer traveling is a fun activity to take on, but it is not always realistic since it typically costs a great deal of money. If you are looking for a way to spend time with family and friends but save some money in the process, a “stay-cation” may be a better option for you! Below, are a handful of ideas you may want to try this summer, in place of a big getaway.

  1. Have a beach picnic: A beach picnic can be the perfect way to relax while enjoying your favorite summer snacks. Pack a basket full of summer treats or your favorite easy dinner and head to your favorite beach or lake spot.
  2. Have a “renovation vacation”: Instead of spending a bunch of money on a big trip, consider instead using it for renovation purposes. Is there a particular space in your home you have been wanting to remodel? Now is your chance!
  3. Have a progressive dinner: Instead of dining out at just one restaurant, consider splitting your meal into courses and purchasing one course per restaurant. This way, you can test out a variety of food types all in one meal.
  4. Visit a new nearby attraction: After a quick Google search of nearby attractions, choose a spot you have never visited (a zoo, museum, etc.) and make a day trip of visiting it. You never know when you could come across a hidden gem right in your own city!
  5. Have a theme night at your home: Hosting a theme night is another great way to get family and friends involved in the fun. Choose a fun theme (be creative!) and ask participants to dress, eat and participate in activities surrounding that theme. You could even decorate your home to match your theme.
  6. Camp in your backyard: If you are not able to coordinate a true camping trip this summer, bring the fun to your backyard! Set up a few tents, buy fixings for microwave s’mores, and enjoy a night of peace, quiet and stargazing.
  7. Host a painting night: Crafting is a great indoor activity, especially if the weather is not cooperating. Pick up some canvases and painting supplies and let your creative juices flow. Make the night “travel-themed” by asking everyone to paint their favorite or most-desirable destination.
  8. Have a “no-housework” weekend: Sometimes the best vacation is simply unplugging from reality and putting your to-do lists on hold for a few days.

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