How to Decorate Your Home on a BUDGET

Now more than ever, homeowners are on a mission to save money wherever they can. This includes saving money on home renovations and furnishings. These types of items can add up quickly and it is easy to go overboard buying everything you like but not much that you actually need. Even if you have a tight budget, does not mean that you cannot still make the interior and exterior of your home look amazing and just your style. In fact, even the smallest of alterations can make a home look completely unique and your own. Whether you are decorating for the first time, or just need a change in your current home, use these tips to save you money in the process.

The number one way to completely transform a room for less is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Painting a room, no matter how old, can alter the mood and age of a room instantly. If there is a room in your home that does not fit your style, consider painting it your favorite shade instead. If you are not feeling quite that daring, paint it white for a fresh slate to work with. This way, you can always paint it again later! Combine a new color with a few new decorations and you have yourself a completely new space that is all your own.

When you are out shopping for décor, be a smart shopper and don’t just buy things for no reason. Think about the items you use the most and consider spending on those, since you know they will be well-loved. Furniture is a great example of this. If you replace your ratty couch with a brand new one, but leave most all existing decorations on the walls, the room will still feel updated with just that one replacement, because it is such a prominent item. You can also move items around the new piece or swap them with items from a different room as part of the transformation.

It can be tempting to shop at more upscale retailers for items to redecorate, if you are into following the latest trends. These stores price their items higher because the items are new, but sometimes you can find similar items at other stores if you are willing to seek them out. Thrift stores and flea markets are a great place to look for furniture pieces and decorations that will cost a lot less. Often, you can even find vintage items that will give your home its own unique touch.

If you are good at crafting, consider creating a few DIYs for your home. Many items can be re-purposed or created brand new, just by supplies you may already own. Placing a few DIYs in your home can be a perfect way to give it the touch it may be missing – a personal one.

As a homeowner, you have so many options open to you in terms of decorating and not all of them require you to break your bank in the process. Test out these tips if you’re planning a renovation and we hope they help!

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