How to Keep Your Home a Positive & Productive Place! Decorating Tips & Color Psychology

Our homes, especially now, are the places we spend the most time and where we should feel most at peace. The way we choose to design our homes can have a large impact on how we feel when we are inside of them. Believe it or not, wall color can also have a large impact on the mood and atmosphere of a particular room, depending on what purpose that room serves. The simple colors we know and love may have a deeper meaning than we think. The result of several years of testing and research has concluded that the theory of color psychology indeed holds some truth. Put simply, color psychology is the idea that certain hues of color can have prominent effects on human behavior and emotion. Below, are a list of the most popular colors and how they may have an effect on your emotions and behavior. Have you ever felt a certain connection with any of these colors? Let us know down in the comments section!

· Neutral/Earthy Tones – This would include colors such as whites, tans, and browns. These types of tones are a common choice for bathrooms as they can promote balance and unity.

· Red – The color red can stimulate conversation, making it a perfect choice for dining rooms. It has also been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate.

· Yellow – This color is great for kitchens! It can give off a happy or positive feeling, especially when combined with natural sunlight. It has also been proven to aid in digestion.

· Green – The color green promotes rest and is naturally soothing, which makes it an ideal choice for living areas. It also encourages a feeling of safety, which should be guaranteed inside a home.

· Blue – The color blue is also a calming hue. Contrary to red, it has been said to lower heart rate and blood pressure. For this reason, it is an ideal choice for bedrooms.

· Purple – This color has previously been associated with creativity. Its bold and bright tone makes it great for an office or study.

Additionally, here are a few decorating and lifestyle tips you can implement to better balance your emotions and keep a positive space for you and your family.

· Filling your space with natural light whenever possible can have a boost your mood as well as keep energy costs low. Open up your windows on an especially nice day to air out any irritants that may be lurking within your walls.

· Plants and greenery can be useful in keeping bad chemicals and impurities out of your home. Consider investing in a few to place around or outside the house.

· Making your bed each morning can be the first step to a productive day. Try implementing this simple step into your AM routine.

· Place your electronics at least 2 ft. from your bed at night. This way, you won’t be tempted to reach for them in the middle of the night, which can interrupt a good night’s sleep.

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