How To Maintain Your Deck or Patio in the Summertime

If your home has a deck or patio, chances are you are soaking up every second of the short Midwest summer to use it. While having this addition can be a great plus, it takes work to maintain it so it can continue to be useful for years to come. Today, we are sharing with you some tips to help you maintain your outdoor space throughout the summer so it can stay in its best shape, regardless of the season.

  • Replace Any Damaged or Rotting Wood – Split or rotting wood can be detrimental to an outdoor space, such as a deck or patio. Splinters or other serious injuries may occur if you are not careful to maintain your outdoor structure. Rotting wood can also spread, causing the structure to weaken.
  • Wash Your Deck/Patio – Start by sweeping any debris you can get off of your deck with a broom. This cleaning process can be completed with a simple garden hose and sprayer. Although, if you are looking for a much deeper clean, consider using a power washer to get any caked-on dirt or debris off.
  • Stain or Seal Your Deck/Patio – Using a pre-made stain on your outdoor deck or patio can make it look good as new. You could also try a sealant to help preserve the condition of your space. Both substances provide water and sun damage and prevent degradation.
  • Move Your Patio Furniture When Not in Use – Patio furniture can be a fashionable addition to your outdoor space. Though, did you know it can cause discoloration over time? To avoid this discoloration, rearrange your patio furniture around throughout the summer and remove it completely from your patio during the winter months.
  • Maintain the Greenery Around Your Space – Any bushes or trees surrounding your outdoor space should be regularly trimmed so that they do not hang over the sides of your deck/patio. This can cause wood rot and moss growth.
  • Sweep the Surface of Your Deck/Patio – Similarly to keeping your greenery maintained, making regular sweeps of your outdoor space (pine needles, dead leaves, etc.) can prevent mildew, mold, or stains. These types of substances can cause discoloration and leave your space looking messy.

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