How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day!

With winter’s arrival and the sight of some early snow sightings across a good majority of the Midwest, the possibility of a “snow day” is always lingering in the air. While the typical snow day may not have the same meaning at the moment, due to the pandemic, there are still ways to have fun and make the most of a large snow event. Below, is a list of activities or experiences you may try next time the snow hinders your previously scheduled plans.

  • Try a New Recipe – Winter is the perfect time to bake up something new, whether that be something sweet or something savory. Whatever your taste, take inventory of what is in your pantry and something yummy to create.  
  • Do a Winter Craft or DIY – Crafts can be a perfect snow day activity for those of all ages. If your Christmas tree is getting close to the end of its life, you could try transforming it into your very own DIY bird house & feeder. Fill the tree with birdseed ornaments and berry garland and place it in your backyard to create a new home for small birds in the winter. Find a DIY tutorial here:
  • Reorganize a Room(s) in Your Home – Being stuck at home can be a perfect opportunity to organize or rearrange a room in your home. Do you have a mess piling up in a spare bedroom or are you in the mood for a fresh new look in your living room? Snow days can be the perfect chance to tackle these daunting projects.
  • Read a Book – When in doubt, crack open a book! Reading can be a perfect winter activity, so cozy up with a blanket and a hot drink and dive into a new book or an old favorite.
  • Take a Nap (or Two) – With the craziness of life can come a lack of opportunity to take a real nap. Napping can be the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself before starting one of the other activities on this list!
  • Go Out and Enjoy the Winter Wonderland – If the snow brings you joy, definitely make a point to go out and enjoy it. After all, if you have to be stuck at home all day, you might as well enjoy what the weather has to offer. Now is the perfect chance to build a snowman or make a snow angel.
  • Stay in Your PJs All Day – One perk of having nowhere to go is being able to stay in your pajamas or other loungewear all day. Take advantage of this opportunity and ditch the regular clothes, just for today.

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