How To Maximize Space In Your Home

Is your home on the small side? Don’t have as much room as you would like (or need?) It is not unusual to want to try and find ways to maximize the space you have. This is especially true if you are required to share your space with a number of other people. Today, we are sharing a few clever storage hacks that will help you to maximize space in your home and keep everyone comfortable in the process.

  1. Shelving – Installing shelving units or other standing organizers can be a great way to keep corresponding items together. Which type of shelving you choose can vary from room to room. Cabinet shelving is convenient the kitchen to store pots and pans, while bookshelves can be more fit for a bedroom to store unorganized items. No matter their location, shelving can be a great organization tool to expand your current storage space.
  2. Under the Bed Storage – Underbed storage containers are ideal because they truly are “out of sight, out of mind”. They work just like a dresser drawer and slide in and out for easy access. Perfect for infrequently used items, these storage containers are handy for making the mess disappear and dismiss the need for another storage closet.  
  3. Hidden Storage Arrangements – If you are in need of more storage but have no way to hide it away, consider using a traditional furniture piece as your solution. Items like storage ottomans or stools with openings can be a great option. If you are feeling craftier, you can make your own arrangements by “upcycling” a plain plastic storage container. Adding fabric or other materials can transform something traditional into something completely your own.
  4. Outdoor Storage Sheds – An exterior storage shed is another great option if you have the room. Perfect for holding outdoor equipment and also other seasonal items, a shed like this can be a great replacement for a basement or attic, which manufactured homes come without.
  5. Stackable Laundry Unit – Choosing a stackable washer and dryer as opposed to a side-by-side unit can significantly increase space in your laundry room. Laundry machines can be very bulky but stacking them solves this problem. The stackable units can be pushed to one corner which allows for additional storage space for other items.

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