Important Outdoor Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

With summer’s arrival and the outdoor planting season in full swing, many more homeowners will be making a point to get outside and beautify their properties. In order to successfully do so, it is important to have the right tools to use. Today, we are sharing a list of outdoor tools and supplies that EVERY homeowner should have in their collection. How many of these do you own?

  • Shovels – Assorted sizes would be most helpful. This also includes a snow shovel!
  • Garden Rake – Can be used for fall cleanup or garden maintenance.
  • Lawn Mower – You really cannot get through the summer without this one.
  • Trowel – Used to loosen the soil while gardening.
  • Watering Can – To keep your plants happy and healthy!
  • A Ladder – You never know when you will need the help of a ladder, so it is helpful to always have one accessible.
  • Wheelbarrow – This one helps a lot with carrying things to and from your gardens.
  • Pruners – For trimming low-hanging branches or sprucing up other greenery.
  • Push Broom – Clean-up is made much simpler with the help of a broom. It is also helpful for a quick driveway cleanup.
  • Garden Gloves – These are crucial in keeping your hand protected from sharp branches and thorns you may encounter in your outdoor space.
  • Garden Hose – For easy fill-ups of your watering can. Attach a nozzle to be able to change the water pressure. 
  • Protective Eyewear – Some outdoor tasks are much more strenuous than others. Investing in the proper safety equipment is important.
  • Handheld Trimmer/Weed Whacker – Depending on your preference, some sort of electric trimmer is helpful to keep a yard looking its best.

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