Important Winterizing Tips for Homeowners!

With the winter season quickly approaching and the snow beginning to fall, it is extremely important to make a plan to prepare your home for these next few months. While these steps may seem a bit straightforward, each one is important in its own way for preserving the long-term condition of your home and protecting it from wear and tear.

  • Weatherproof” Your Windows & Doors: Installing an additional storm door or an extra layer of sealant to your windows can make all of the difference in keeping your home insulated. This extra bit of protection can help to prevent heat from escaping your home as well as any cold air from finding its way in.  This weatherstripping material can be found at any local hardware or home improvement store. Remember, only clear professional products make for weatherproofing are permitted.
  • Update your Thermostat: If you do not have a programmable thermostat, it may be a smart idea to make the swap now. This type of unit allows you to custom program the temperature in your home so that your heating system is not running when you are away from your home.  Many companies and even some municipalities, provide a credit for “smart thermostats”.
  • Transfer any Outdoor Items In: The colder temperatures, as well as snow and ice, can do damage to outdoor appliances and furniture. If you have a storage shed, this can be the perfect place to pack these items away for the winter season. If not, consider storing them in an interior closet or investing in a weatherproof cover. Flowering trees and plants can also be affected and should be brought inside once the temperature falls below 45 degrees.
  • Replace Your Furnace Filter: It is important to make sure your furnace has been replaced with a clean filter, as this will help it to function much more efficiently. Also, make sure that the space around your unit is clear of leaves or other outdoor debris.
  • Clean & Inspect Your Roof: A damaged or deteriorating roof can be a recipe for disaster if not found and fixed before the colder months. Taking the time to inspect your roof for broken or missing pieces and clogs is definitely a worthy task. Clearing any long branched or debris that has collected is also important in preventing problems throughout the winter.

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