Solving the Downsizing Dilemma

Moving into a new home or space can be a draining procedure. With so much to do, it can feel overwhelming to say the least. Perhaps the most tedious part of all is the process of going through all of your belongings. If you are making the move into a smaller space, you will be required to downsize, or get rid of a good amount of what you already own.

The first, and most important step to downsizing is to determine what your needs are and what items that you own meet those needs. Anything you feel you cannot live without would be in this category. These items must be sorted out and packed into boxes first as they will be making the move, no question. After these items are all packed, continue to add desirable or “want” items into boxes until you are out of space. As a rule of thumb, any items that you have not touched in at least a year should probably be weeded out. Any remaining items that do not make the cut should be sold or donated to a local thrift store so that they are out of the way.

The next step should be to survey your remaining items and acknowledge if there are any duplicate items or items that are multipurpose. For example, if you own a number of storage baskets and also own a storage ottoman, consider saving the ottoman and ditching the storage baskets since they both serve a similar purpose. The ottoman can also be used as decor in a living area, making it multipurpose.

As you are packing, make a point to sift through every closet and cupboard to insure you do not miss any items during packing. Through doing this, you could easily find items that were lost or forgotten about, possibly even some that you completely forgot about or thought you had lost. Doing so will allow you to keep track of what you already own and prevent you from purchasing any duplicate items once you are settled in your new place.

Now that you have the proper procedure, downsizing should be a breeze. Before you know it, you will be settled in at your new place, unpacking all of those boxes once again.

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