The Future of Manufactured Homes Lies Here

Every year, what is considered “popular” will face drastic changes across the globe. Whether it comes to fashion, pop culture, or even the food we consume humans are influenced by these changing trends. Architecture is one area where styles change most frequently. In fact, the design of manufactured homes has changed drastically over the past few years as more modern construction techniques are being implemented to allow these homes to look less dated and more contemporary.

Quite possibly the most notable style that 2020 has brought to the manufactured housing scene is the implementation of open floor plans. Today’s home buyers are attracted to a spacious kitchen and living area, where both rooms seem to meld into one larger room with endless possibilities on how to fill the space. Typically, these kitchens will have islands featured instead of the typical long counter top style. “Flex spaces”, or large open rooms with no assigned purpose, are also becoming more prevalent.

Along with more space, home buyers are also attracted to the opportunity for more windows in the home. Skylights and sidelights are becoming increasingly more popular, which offer the opportunity for natural light to regularly flood the room. Manufactured home builders are acknowledging this desire and are beginning to implement it into the new designs they are releasing.

As with most updated homes, newer manufactured homes are featuring updated technology, such as smart thermostats and energy-conserving lighting, which are contributing to the overall sustainability of the home. Promoting features that lower carbon emissions and promote efficiency allow manufactured home buyers to still take part in living a sustainable lifestyle.

As 2020 progresses, it is safe to say that even more trends will be developed and others will fall to the wayside. One thing is for sure — sustainability and flexibility will continue to take the forefront of modern manufactured home design throughout the year and into the future.

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