Urban vs. Rural Living – Which Is Right For You?

Choosing to live in an urban setting or a rural setting can be a difficult choice. While some people prefer the hustle and bustle, others prefer to live life more “slowly” and don’t care to always be on the go. Depending on your preference there are pros and cons to both lifestyle. Today, we will be breaking these down so that you are able to determine more easily – which is the best fit for you?

Benefits of Urban Living

  • Almost anything you could ever need (shopping centers, services, restaurants, etc.) is available to you with just a short walk.
  • Having a car is not mandatory, thanks to public transportation!
  • Typically, more job opportunities are available, due to a larger number of businesses.
  • Social opportunities are more frequent, due to people living closer together.

Concerns of Urban Living

  • The cost of living near a bigger city is typically more than in a rural area.
  • Competition for jobs can be much higher, making it difficult to find work at times.
  • Constant traffic congestion and noise from highways or other busy roads

Benefits of Rural Living

  • Peace and quiet surrounds you and you will seldom hear a passing car.
  • A stronger sense of your community and those who are a part of it – everyone tends to know everyone else.
  • More space for your home and between other’s homes.
  • It has been proven that moving to a rural area can actually boost your mental health and reduce stress!

Concerns of Rural Living

  • You must hop in a car to get practically anywhere, even just an essential shopping trip, as there is rarely public transportation available.  
  • Cell phone service and internet can be spotty, depending on your location.
  • Less opportunity to make connections and grow your relationships with others that live further away from you.

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